"When I Was A Human (Short)" is on the Bow Wow Film Festival Tour 2019 across USA!

Written and Directed by Akemi Kōzu-Tosto

About the Actors

Daniel Chacōn - Indy (human)

After turning into a young man, Indy (Daniel Chacon) sees his owner at the park for the first time.

Daniel landed on the title role of Indy out of approximately 100 actors after weeks of auditioning. He made his stage debut at the age of seven in Soldierboy at El Teatro Campesino. Daniel's credits includeFreaks and Geeks and M.Y.O.B., which both aired on NBC. Daniel currently resides in Los Angeles.

Marisa Mickel - Kimmy

After graduating from Yale University she divided time between Los Angeles and New York City. Her credits include Stars In Your EyesOff-Broadway, The Scarlet Letter (world premiere) at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and Mona Lisa Smile starring Julia Roberts.

Norman Lehnert - Craig

Born and raised in Houston, Texas. He is known for 127 Hours (2010), Little Nicky(2000) and Wind River (2017).

Elinor Baggett - Mrs. Peacock

Elinor has performed a variety of rolls at the Beverly Hills Playhouse and the Forum in Thousand Oaks among others. Her credits include also include Terror Eyes (1989), Ella (2002) and The Jackalope(2003).

Lyne Odums - Poodle Lady

Lyne Odums is an actress, known for Flatliners (1990), The Ladykillers (2004) and 3 Wise Women (2005).

Alex Kubik - Voice of Spike

Alex Kubik was born on November 11, 1945 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. He is known for his work on Be Cool (2005), Hunter (1984) and The Fall Guy (1981).