"When I Was A Human (Short)" is on the Bow Wow Film Festival Tour 2019 across USA!

Written and Directed by Akemi Kōzu-Tosto



Voice by Daniel Chacón

Indy was a mutt at the local animal shelter no body wanted until Kimmy has rescued him. His abandonment issue kicks in when Kimmy starts dating her new boyfriend.

Indy (human)

Played by Daniel Chacón

After eating a Miracle Bone, Indy magically turns into a young man. In the haste of a thing he's come up with an alias for himself, "Jones."


Played by Marisa Mickel

Kimmy is Indy's savior and the love of his life. She loves Indy, but her life becomes a little hectic after she meets a new boyfriend, Craig.


Voice by Alex Kubic

Spike is a neighborhood English bulldog and Indy's wise buddy. He looks rough and sometimes sarcastic but he has a good heart.


Played by Norman Nehnert

Kimmy's new boyfriend. He is almost jealous of Indy as Kimmy is always about her dog. 

Mrs. Peacock

Played by Elinor Buggett

Mrs. Peacock is a cranky old lady next door. She is a cat lover and not a big fan of dogs.