"When I Was A Human (Short)" is on the Bow Wow Film Festival Tour 2019 across USA!

Written and Directed by Akemi Kōzu-Tosto

A short film currently being developed into an original motion picture.



Kimmy & Indy.  They were inseparable until...

Indy was a mutt at the local pound nobody wanted

But Kimmy found him one day. She took him home, and they have been inseparable ever since.  Well, until three weeks ago.  

Indy's world turns upside down when she starts spending a lot of time with her new boyfriend, Craig. 


"I wish I was a human!"

Indy's convinced that Kimmy has grown tired of him, because he is just a dog. 

He wishes for an impossible dream and hopes to turn Kimmy's love around. 

A wise canine friend of Indy, Spike, watches his glum friend quietly. 



One afternoon, Spike mysteriously presents Indy ...

... a miracle milk bone!  He says that it makes a wish come true. After Indy magically transforms into a young man he befriends Kimmy, hoping to win back her affection.  When Indy realizes how much pain his own disappearance is causing her, he faces a dilemma of having to choose between the love he thought he wanted, and the love that truly matters in the end.

We are making "When I Was A Human" into a feature film!

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